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Shortly after I finished nursing school we get married to. After a three day remain at a southern plantation style bed and breakfast in south Georgia, we flew to California where we were to shell out the next week in Lake Tahoe. It was then i discovered my husband is "Geographically Challenged." He booked us a flight into La thinking it was somewhat close to Lake Tahoe. It isn't. We finished up driving throughout the day from La to San francisco bay area to Sacramento then to Lake Tahoe. The trip was draining, but beautiful.

After arriving in Chicago we rented a car and traveled up Pacific Coast Highway toward San Francisco. The highway runs plus the ocean (as the name would imply) for numerous miles; sometimes high up on cliffs overlooking the ocean and sometimes almost right at sea level. I was particularly impressed by the contrast in topography from southern California to Lake Tahoe. From sandy beaches and desert (L . a .) to high cliffs and hills (Bay area) to thick forest and mountains (Lake Tahoe).

We've got the opportunity to revisit California much like me considering taking an assignment there as being a traveling nurse. We've checked and among my travel nursing agencies and the've made all the areas (Los Angeles, San francisco bay area, Sacramento and Lake Tahoe) very enticing. They've offered us a $1,500 bonus to relocate to your in the areas in California also to pay the cost of relocation. They have also offered to pay for our rent basically we live there and also to match another agency's hourly rate. Maybe it's a much a $55 dollars by the hour. We're going to be making our decision on best places to are in the next couple weeks.

travel nursing companies california 

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